Arthritis Management

Arthritis Management

Arthritis Management

Arthritis can be primary or secondary.  In primary or idiopathic arthritis, the cause is really not known but is thought to be genetic in nature.  Secondary OA results from injury or other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or gout.  The global incidence of arthritis is 20-30% out of which 20% of the patients are in need of active management. The best way to keep OA under check is to exercise regularly, avoid squatting and cross-legged positions, maintain a healthy diet and keep weight in control.World over, OA of the knees is one of the main causes of musculoskeletal disorders and disabilities in the elderly population leading to poor quality of life. Arthritis care at TOTAL ORTHOCARE is aimed at curing Arthritis by various non-surgical treatments including Electromagnetic fields, Laser Therapy, Viscosupplementation, Muscle Rehab, Prolotherapy amongst others.  In very advanced cases, Arthroplasty can also be conducted.

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