Tips for finding the right orthopAedic specialist for your child

Tips for finding the right orthopaedic specialist for your child

No parent wants to contemplate anything harming their child. But injuries are often a fact of life growing up, especially for active children. At the high school level, 90 percent of student-athletes report sustaining an injury. And when it’s issues affecting young people’s musculoskeletal systems – the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves – which orthopaedic specialist oversees your child’s care matters.

Pediatric Versus Adult Orthopaedic Care

If your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis or other musculoskeletal condition, you know that his or her care will go well beyond diagnosis. You want a physician who is sensitive to your child’s needs and will formulate treatment options that can grow with your child.

The U.S. sees almost three million emergency room visits every year due to youth sports. The good news is that kids’ fractures tend to heal faster than those of adults. In addition, many alternative therapies and techniques today reduce the need for spine surgery. There are a few other distinguishing factors for care that focuses on children:

  • Pediatric orthopaedic specialists can explain procedures and provide treatments so that both the parents and their kids understand.
  • Imaging may use lower doses of radiation.
  • Walk-in urgent care centers can provide a faster diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Innovative therapies can substitute the use of prescription pain medications.

Seek Recommendations for a Trustworthy Physician for Your Kid

Most people first call their health insurance to find out which doctors are included in their network. Also reach out to your pediatrician, who may recommend a good orthopaedic specialist for your child. If you recently moved or are unfamiliar with orthopaedic medicine, your child’s former doctor, friends, or colleagues you trust may also be able to connect you with a physician with a good reputation.

Find a Clinic with Reputable Youth Specialists

As you ask around, you should feel free to ask questions about desirable qualities that will help you feel informed and confident. If you don’t have a specific doctor in mind, find a clinic that specializes in youth orthopaedics. Here are three factors that may narrow down the list of potential places:

  • Consolidated Care – A specialty clinic can diagnose, treat and provide follow-up care under the same roof. This setup offers better communication between departments and typically shortens the time it takes for patients to recover and return to their normal routines.
  • Low Infection Rates – Look for a clinic with a good track record, particularly when it comes to surgeries, invasive procedures, and critical illnesses requiring prolonged treatment. Ask about the infection rates or other data the clinic can provide about their treatment history. One with an outpatient clinic generally saves patients time, costs less than the typical hospital, and may have lower infection rates.
  • Continuing Pediatric Education – Find out whether the physicians seek continuing education to provide the highest-quality care. You want a clinic that views patient education as vital to providing the appropriate care for their patients.

Find an Orthopaedic Specialist for Your Sporty Child

Overactivity is a significant risk factor for youth sports injuries. If your child is active on a school team, don’t wait for an accident to start searching. Start searching now for doctors with experience working in high schools who are very familiar with youth sports injuries. An orthopaedic expert will be able to treat sprains, breaks, and dislocations in any part of the body. The right physician understands how your child’s condition might affect other parts of the body.

Look for a Highly Rated Program

Many pediatric orthopaedic conditions are treatable through nonsurgical methods, but more severe conditions may require surgery. The fellowship-trained pediatric orthopaedic specialists in Total Orthocare use the most current non-operative and operative techniques to treat patients. Our pediatric specialists work closely with families to develop the best treatment plan possible. They will explain all available treatment options, discuss the benefits and risks of each, and provide an expert opinion on the best course of action.

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