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How to avoid the two most common orthopedic problems seen during the lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of havoc with our lives & lifestyles. A lot of us have been forced to stay home in order to stay safe. This forced alteration in our lives has seen a sharp increase in 2 orthopedic problems.

1. Increased Back & Neck pain due to bad postures, lack of proper infrastructure leading to bad ergonomics and extended working hours due to a lack of a clear demarcation of professional & personal time.

2. Increase in exercise-related injuries as most people are exercising either without proper supervision, or because of not warming up & cooling down before & after the exercise, and also being forced to hurry up in keeping up the pace with the online group classes.

Please read on to know how to avoid these orthopedic problems & continue to work/exercise effectively from home without having to suffer from these issues.

Tips to prevent Back & Neck pain




  • Pay attention to your posture. 
  • Try to choose a chair that contours to your spine & ensure that your entire back is supported. 
  • Adjust the height of your chair in order to rest your feet flat on the floor or a footrest. 
  • Remove your phone or wallet from your back pocket.
  • Ensure that the monitor, keyboard, mouse & chair are positioned properly.
  • If you need to write while talking on the phone, use the phone on the speaker or use a headset.
  •  Periodically walk around & gently stretch out.

Tips to prevent exercise injuries

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  • Always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program start slowly & increase gradually. 
  • Moderate exercise of around 20 minutes three times a week is a good place to start off.
  • spend adequate time warming up & cooling down. These often neglected aspects of the work out are the most common causes of exercise injuries. 
  • Dress appropriately including having the proper equipment, clothes & shoes. 
  • Listen to your body. No pain, no gain is a fitness myth that has been long busted. If you feel the pain of any sort, stop & discontinue the activity.

In conclusion, whether the lockdown is a boon or a bane is entirely up to us. A healthy lifestyle with the right mix of work, rest & exercise can go a long way in preventing these orthopedic problems & help us to remain healthy & active.

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