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Is Sports Medicine Just For Athletes?

Sports medicine specialists help treat a variety of sports and activity-related issues. While sports medicine physicians help professional athletes perform at their maximum capacity, they also help people just getting into a sport or exercise routine. As medical experts nationwide tout the many health benefits of getting regular exercise, more people are lacing up their sneakers and getting involved in sports. Unfortunately, with more people hitting the courts or fields, there are bound to be more injuries.  

According to a National Health Statistics Report, there are about 8.6 million sports-related injuries per year. Half of those injuries required treatment from a doctor. A third of those injured visited an emergency department, and about 230,000 of those injuries resulted in hospitalization. If you injure yourself or want advice on how to prevent injury as you ramp up to play a sport, a sports medicine expert at Total Orthocare, Bangalore, can help you get and stay healthy.

Common Injuries

Commonly treated ailments involve knees, backs, shoulders, legs and hips – pretty much all the moving body parts. Most injuries don’t require surgery. With proper treatment and rehabilitation, most patients can return to activity at 100 percent.  Advances in injectable medications and diagnostic ultrasound have made non-surgical treatments much more effective.

Sports medicine doctors identify and repair injured muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons with injections of steroids and other therapies such as platelet-rich plasma, which helps repairs cells. Ultrasound imaging allows doctors to inject therapeutics to the precise location of the injury, and track progress of the repair. The treatments are used for athletes and non-athletes alike. While most patients come through the door because they are hurt, sports medicine programs also work with patients on injury prevention, nutrition and performance enhancement. Psychological aspects of injury and rehabilitation are also an important part of the program.

Sports injuries and health concept.

Mental Aspects

Probably the most underappreciated aspect of injuries has to do with mental health. This is especially true among teens.  “If you talk to an athlete and ask them to describe themselves, one of the first things out of their mouths is ‘I’m a football player… I’m a cricket player… I run track.’ That’s part of their identity. That’s their group, their peers. If they’re injured and can’t play, it takes away some of their identity and purpose.”

No matter the age, negative emotions such as anxiety and depression not only increase injury risks, but also can get in the way of rehabilitation. Sports medicine programs will refer patients to mental health therapists when needed.  The goal is to get patients moving again after an injury.

Who do sports medicine physicians help?

Sports medicine physicians provide comprehensive medical care for professional athletes, weekend warriors, and even non-athletes. They are also excellent resources for people who wish to become active or begin an exercise program.  Additionally, sports medicine specialists can help people who want to improve their overall fitness and those who occasionally play sports such as golf, cricket, football, running, or tennis.

How can a sports medicine physician help you?

Sports medicine helps reduce re-injuries and provides advice and support to help prevent injuries altogether. Other services that can be provided with Sports medicine include

Sports conditioning

Whether you’re a professional athlete or club sports enthusiast, Total Orthocare can help develop a program to manage your diet, weight, and training routine in order to maximize your athletic performance.

Treat common and advanced sports-related injuries

No one wants to be sidelined for long. Total Orthocare treats common injuries such as sprains and tears as well as more severe sports-related injuries such as rotator cuff tears and bone fractures. The goal is to get you strong, quickly, so you can get back on the field. 

Exercise routine

In addition to treating injuries and helping professional and amateur athletes perform at their peak, Total Orthocare can also recommend exercises to help build strength and prevent injuries.

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