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Ways to Increase Bone Density Naturally

Ways to Increase Bone Density Naturally 

The human body is a great example of nature’s basic tenet of survival i.e., Adaptation to the environment. Hill people have to walk a lot on rough terrain. This gives them great lung vital capacity and hardened bones and joints. City folks have a comparatively luxurious life and hence may not be able to tolerate physical hardships. So, if we want to make our bones denser, we must load them more, especially in growing age. The maximum bone mass, called Peak Bone Mass, depends on the genetic constitution as well as physical conditioning and diet. Sleep is another variable that goes a long way in helping one achieve peak bone mass. We can’t help our genetic makeup so let’s see how we can increase our bone density naturally. 

1. Start Early 

One can best mould or strengthen the structure in the formative stage. Hence, we should encourage all growing kids into outdoor sports which entail running and jumping. This loads the spine and leg bones. Hand stands or pulling, pushing strengthens the arm bones. This helps in achieving peak bone mass. 

2. Loading of bones in Daily Chores 

Even if we can afford to keep helping hands, we must try to be self-sufficient. We are responsible for our well-being. It makes sense to walk down to the market to buy milk, poultry and vegetables. This ensures you buy the best stuff, experiment with something different and live in the real world. In the process, you carry 5 to 10 kg weight on your shoulders and load the bones adequately. Shifting furniture, redoing interiors, and gardening-like activities keep your bones fitter and denser. 

3. Exposure to sunlight 

Nothing like good exposure of skin to sunlight for dense bones. Just ensure that you do your outdoor shopping or sports during the early morning and early evening to avoid exposure to UV radiation and air pollution. Large areas of skin need to be exposed to get maximum benefit, subjective to weather of course. This helps in the conversion of the active forms of Vitamin D which is crucial for dense bones.  

4. Natural Diet 

Super diets are meant to prepare people for specific activities. For simple mortals like us, locally produced and seasonal food items are adequate. The key is a natural diet, maintaining its mineral and vitamin content with minimal cooking. Eat a lot of vegetables in raw form or lightly sautéed. It’s the totality of fibres and vitamins with minerals that build up the system including bones. 

5. Gym Training 

It’s not exactly a natural way but definitely building muscles, naturally tend to make bones denser as the load gets passed on to the bones as well. 

6. Consume Enough Protein 

As you can see, what we eat and do (physical endurance) greatly influences our physical strength.  Proteins are the building blocks of the body and an integral part of a balanced diet. Ensure that the nutrition pyramid is maintained, and we eat adequate proteins in our diet for denser bones. 

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